Empowering Solo RV Camping Women: Overcoming Common Challenges

Embarking on a solo RV camping adventure for woman can be a truly transformative journey, though it’s natural to encounter a few challenges along the way.

In this video interview, Randi from Randi’s Adventures and Lesa McDermott from Girl Camper discuss the top 5 most common concerns and obstacles faced by solo female RVers and offer practical advice to conquer them.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time RVer, these valuable insights will help you navigate the world of solo camping with confidence!

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2024 Camping Meetup for Little Guy Trailer Owners

How much fun would you have camping with fellow Little Guy trailer owners? This is your chance to do just that!

This is a special weekend camping event for you to meet Little Guy trailer adventurers, learn from each other, and make new camping memories together.

The 3rd annual Randi’s Adventures “Wanna Camp Together” meetup has been scheduled so watch this video to learn more.

Big spoiler alert! During this camping meetup we will get a private tour of the Xtreme Outdoors factory where they make the campers we love so much! Be sure to mark your calendar because you are not going to want to miss this one. But you need to start planning now because campsites are limited.

I hope you can attend!

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Incredible Camping Destinations in a Little Guy Max

Owning a small camper allows you to explore and adventure to places larger travel trailers would never be able to maneuver.

My Little Guy Max trailer has taken me to so many incredible places because of its size. In fact, I’ve experienced so many off the beaten path experiences in my LGM, this camper has been life changing for me. But before I headed out on this boondocking adventure I did not check ahead of time to verify it had ample RV friendly turnarounds, even for small campers.

This was a stressful situation but with clever maneuvering my husband and I were able to camp in a spot that I called paradise.

I am constantly pinching myself because my Little Guy Trailer allows me to go beyond but… when boondocking or camping in remote areas I recommend you verify ahead of time you have ample space to turn around or back up.

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Little Guy Trailer Camping Meetup was a Huge Success!

The 2nd annual Randi’s Adventures “Wanna Camp Together” meetup was a blast! We made BIG memories in SMALL CAMPERS!

If you were unable to attend this year… I hope you can join us next year! Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter for next year’s “Wanna Camp Together” meetup announcement… because I don’t want you to miss out on all the fun: https://randisadventures.com/events/

Watch as we learn, make new camping friends, and make big memories in our Little Guy Max trailers!

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Mods, Accessories, Hacks & Tips for Little Guy Max Owners

One of the highlights at this year’s Randi’s Adventures Wanna Camp Together meetup was everyone had the opportunity to tour each other’s Little Guy Maxs, Mini-Maxs, and other small campers so we could share our favorite modifications, accessories, hacks, and tips with the everyone.

And WOW, I was blown away by how innovative everyone was!

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Do This to Expand Your Little Guy Camping Options!

When I first bought my Little Guy Max trailer I made sure I had campground reservations for each and every summer weekend.

You might not be an obsessed camper, like I am, but I think we all strategically plan ahead and make our upcoming summer season camping reservations in advance. We want to secure the best RV campsites and we don’t want to find ourselves without a place to camp.

The truth is, you can go camping without reservations or even go last minute camping and not be disappointed because you can find amazing non-reservable camping spots that are available on a first come, first serve basis.

These types of camping spots will greatly open your world of camping opportunities. Some of my very best camping memories in my Little Guy Max have been without reservations. Where will you go next?

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Winter Camping in a Little Guy Max Tips

While a lot of people put their camper in storage after it gets cold out, I have been winter camping in my Little Guy Max for several years now and I love it!

Not only do I get to enjoy my Little Guy trailer 12 months out of the year, but during the winter months I often times am the only one at the campground. It’s fun to have the whole place to yourself!

But, my secret weapon to enjoying winter camping is these gadgets and gear!

If you have never tried winter camping in your Little Guy I encourage you to give it a try.

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