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The Oldies Battalion

Da Shack is an all-season road warrior! We have camped in temperatures ranging from 27-100 degrees in the last year…

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We Love Our Little Trailer. It is a Blast to Own.

We had never really talked about owning an RV, but then one day we saw a teardrop trailer, I think it was online or TV somewhere and that got us thinking, so we started looking for more information online…

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50 Years Lived, 50 States to Visit in a MyPod

I am traveling to ALL 50 states in my 50th year of life! It is a trip of a lifetime! I am traveling with my old school 2002 Acura TL and my Little Guy MyPod Trailer! It has been fantastic so far!

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Photography Excursions in a Rough Rider

Due to working and animals, I never got to travel much, but upon retirement, while up the coast, I saw a teardrop trailer that looked like a nice special build, and thought it would be excellent for my photo excursions. So, I quickly went in search of little trailers on the internet. I had never heard of Little Guy, but Oregon has two dealers, so I was off to investigate.

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Just Going Were I’m Towed To

I happened to come across my 2011 LG 6-Wide Sport while visiting relatives in Boise, ID. I immediately fell in love with it; especially the extended front platform. From that point on, my wife and I have given up backpacking and are enjoying the benefits of having a Little Guy.

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