5 RV Accessories for Your Little Guy Trailer You Will Love

Little Guy Trailers come equipped with everything you need to start making lifetime memories. But that doesn’t mean upgrades aren’t fun to have!

Over the past 3 years, there have been many accessories and upgrades I have enjoyed using that I have shared on my YouTube channel. In this video, a fellow Little Guy Max owner shares her reaction to 5 of these accessories she has tried. Spoiler alerts…. she absolutely loves them.

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How to Hitch Your Little Guy Max Trailer

Learn how to hitch a Little Guy Max trailer with this STRESS-FREE checklist! ➡️ Get your travel trailer hitching up checklist here: https://randisadventures.com/hitchup/

As I was learning how to hitch my Little Guy Max trailer to my tow vehicle, I created a step-by-step checklist and this was a stress reliever so I did not miss an important step… and you should have one too. Learning how to hitch your trailer is easier with a checklist.

Follow these trailer hitch setup step-by-step instructions for beginners so you can learn how to hitch your camper trailer in no time.

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