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Little Guy Max

Changing the Light Trailer Game Again.

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Little Guy Micro Max

Compact, Lightweight, & Garageable.

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Little Guy Mini Max

Never Too Small. Always a Max.

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Easy to Tow. Easy to Love.

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Little Guy Trailers

An idea hatched in a garage in 2002 spawned a national movement of vintage inspired teardrop trailers. Today, thousands have lived life more fully because they are confident they can take to the road in uncomplicated style.

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The Roads We Roam

RV nomads Russ and Kerry are living and traveling in their Little Guy Max! Follow along on The Roads We Roam Website and subscribe to their YouTube Channel.


Considering a Little Guy Max? We review the top things we have found to be the best features and what makes this trailer stand out from the rest!

Best features of the Little Guy Max

The Roads We Roam | May 18, 2021

  Considering a Little Guy Max? We review the top things we have found to be the best features and what makes this trailer stand out from the rest!


Ok, we may be a bit biased. BUT just hear us out…..READ MORE

Why small RVs are better!

The Roads We Roam | December 23, 2020

Small trailers and campers may be small in size, but there is a lot to be excited about. RV sales have been skyrocketing and the demand for small units only continues to grow. Why? There are some pretty great benefits that you may not have realized and they just may make you realize, bigger is not always better!

Make the most out of your Max with these simple tips!

How to MAXimize your space in a tiny trailer

The Roads We Roam | December 15, 2020

Wait until you see our solution for the bed!

The Roads We Roam Website   More Videos

November Camping in Yosemite National Park

We love November camping in Yosemite National Park! After enjoying autumn colors and gorgeous scenery during the day, our Mini Max kept us warm and comfy during chilly nights.

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Rays of Light Through The Storm

This summer we were headed from the southern unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota to the northern unit.

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Free To Roam The Edges Of The Earth

We’re grounded by nothing. Free to roam the edges of the earth in search of a night’s sky unphased by the world it encompasses…

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The Moose Hangout

10 years ago my wife and I visited The Grand Tetons National Park and immediately fell in love with it. In fact, we loved it so much we visit the park yearly.

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Photo-Perfect Memories In A Mini Max

Fall camping … Petoskey, Michigan. It doesn’t get any better than spending time in the Mini Max in pure Michigan in the fall! Happy campers!

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11,000 mile vacation travelling the country

We went on an 11,000 mile vacation last summer.  We went from AZ to Utah followed the Oregon and Mormon Trail backwards to Missouri then to Iowa to visit friends then on to Cleveland, OH to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

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Little Guy Explores Oregon (Video)

Nothing like getting close to nature and stay as long as you want. The little guy became my companion on those trips.

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Randi's Adventures

Randi Thornton shows us how to make every moment count, because weekends are just too short! Subscribe to Randi's YouTube Channel and follow her on Instagram.

Should You Buy a Little Guy Max

Randi's Adventures | January 6, 2022

RV Camping is NOT for everyone.

The bad news: There are tasks and unexpected things you will need to deal with that most first-time buyers are not aware of. And social media does not show this part of the RV camping experience.

The good news: If you are willing and able to do these 8 things then you will make memories you never dreamt of.

I have owned my Little Guy Max for 4 years and I have made so many incredible adventures so the answer is easy for me. So, yes, RV camping is worth it for me.

Once you know all of the worst things about owning an RV then it will be easy for you to make the decision for yourself.

Winter Camping in Your Little Guy Trailer Tips

Randi's Adventures | December 31, 2021

Learn how easy it is to camp in your Little Guy Trailer year round!

Yes, camping in the winter is fun and these tips and tricks will help you if you have never camped in cold weather before.

The Best Thing About Owning a Little Guy Trailer

Randi's Adventures | December 16, 2021

The places you will travel to and experience in a Little Guy trailer is the best thing about owning this special camper!

There is nothing more magical than finding new places and experiencing the excitement firsthand when you see your first mountain or one of the great lakes. Our country is so beautiful and there will be times when the views just take your breath away.

Yes, owning a Little Guy trailer is about the adventures and the lifetime memories that await you!

Randi's Instagram   More Videos

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The Micro Max is Here!

Little Guy Staff | January 21, 2022

The most garageable, full-featured Little Guy travel trailer is in production now.

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A Message From Our Staff: Service and Operations During COVID-19

Little Guy Staff | April 18, 2020

Xtreme Outdoors has re-started its manufacturing operations starting from May 18th, 2020.

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Xtreme Outdoors Donates Masks To New York Facility

Little Guy Staff | April 3, 2020

COVID-19 is affecting our customers and communities. We’re all in this together.

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Win a $1,000 Gift Card to the Tear Drop Shop!

Little Guy Staff | October 23, 2019

One winner chosen every month. Plus a $25 gift card will be awarded for every Little Guy Story we share on our website and social media.

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