How to Get Your Little Guy Trailer Ready for Summer Camping

How to get your Little Guy Trailer properly prepped and ready for your first summer camping trip we are so excited about. But more importantly, these are the things you need to do first to avoid unnecessary problems down the road.

I created a special checklist just for you so you don’t miss an important step. This checklist will save you time, money, and frustration down the road. Grab your free checklist here:

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How to Find Incredible Camping Spots for Your Little Guy Trailer

After owning my Little Guy Max for 4 years… I am embarrassed to tell you I have turned into a campsite SNOB!

This means I am always on the hunt to find the best campsites. If you too are picky and want to make camping reservations at the most desired locations this video is for you. I share tools, resources, tricks and tips to help you nab the best camping spots!

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Should You Buy a Little Guy Max

RV Camping is NOT for everyone.

The bad news: There are tasks and unexpected things you will need to deal with that most first-time buyers are not aware of. And social media does not show this part of the RV camping experience.

The good news: If you are willing and able to do these 8 things then you will make memories you never dreamt of.

I have owned my Little Guy Max for 4 years and I have made so many incredible adventures so the answer is easy for me. So, yes, RV camping is worth it for me.

Once you know all of the worst things about owning an RV then it will be easy for you to make the decision for yourself.

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