2024 Little Guy Trailer Meetup

It is official…

In just 4 short months, the “Little Guy Trailer” meetup where fellow owners get to hang out and learn from each other is happening in Pennsylvania at the 3rd annual Randi’s Adventures “Wanna Camp Together” meetup!

And I have to tell you… I’m super excited to catch up with my past camping buddies and make new buddies in Pennsylvania!

But, there’s more…

The star of the show is… Xtreme Outdoors! They will be giving us a private” and “behind the scenes” tour of their factory, where they make the teardrop trailers we love so much!🤩✨

But, there’s EVEN MORE GREAT news…

There are still a few campsites available for this upcoming weekend meetup! If you want to learn more go here: https://randisadventures.com/2024

I hope you can join us for this special event. 💛 Randi

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