Winter Camping in a Little Guy Max Tips

While a lot of people put their camper in storage after it gets cold out, I have been winter camping in my Little Guy Max for several years now and I love it!

Not only do I get to enjoy my Little Guy trailer 12 months out of the year, but during the winter months I often times am the only one at the campground. It’s fun to have the whole place to yourself!

But, my secret weapon to enjoying winter camping is these gadgets and gear!

If you have never tried winter camping in your Little Guy I encourage you to give it a try.

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The Easier Way to Level Your Little Guy Trailer

Is there a right way or a wrong way to level your camper? No!

Is there an easier way to level your camper? Yes!

For the past 4 years, my husband and I have used wood blocks to level our Little Guy Max camper. But after recent frustrations as a sole camper, I decided to try a curved leveling ramp. And I found this method to be so much easier to level my camper side-to-side at my campsite.

I wish I had done this years ago!

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