The Grand Tetons National Park

The Moose Hangout

10 years ago my wife and I visited The Grand Tetons National Park and immediately fell in love with it. In fact, we loved it so much we visit the park yearly. On one of our visits we were encouraged to go to Gros Ventre Campground located close to the park, if we were interested in seeing moose. Our excitement grew as we pulled into the campground and were greeted by lots of big lenses pointing at a group of moose. We continued our yearly journeys and found ourselves loving to watch the moose so we joined the photography family and have enjoyed shooting them over the years. But on one particular trip I found that I was watching the RVer’s as much as the moose. I had never owned one nor had I been in one but this lifestyle continued to peak my interest. I began a journey of trying to find out everything I could about RVing by watching YouTube videos and talking with friends who I knew had been RVing for years.

Having no idea what might fit into our comfort zone I started studying the different types of RV’s. I already had a Tundra pickup truck that I loved so I decided to start looking at trailers that were compatible with it. I was talking with a friend who had recently purchased a teardrop trailer. He was an engineer and told me that he had determined his purchase based on how structurally sound the trailer was built. My wife and I spent an evening with our friend and was introduced to the Little Guy Max. It was love at first site. After a few weeks of talking with dealers I bought my Max sight unseen and couldn’t be happier. Our first trip was to; you guessed it, Gros Vetre Campground in The Grand Tetons. So the rest is history. Based on our pictures we no longer are watching the moose, but they are watching us. I could have never imagined that our Little Guy Max would become their hangout. We love our Max and the joy it has brought us.


Larry and Vicki York
The Woodlands, Texas

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