Top 5 Turkey Hunting States

During the month of November, a couple of things are on our minds, which include an overenthusiastic countdown to Christmas and plenty of turkey! Hunting season is also in full swing, as well as the turkey.

Take a look at the top five turkey hunting states.


Known as the state where everything is bigger, Texas offers plenty of open space for turkey hunting. Starting on March 27 and ending on May 9, Texas is home to the largest turkey population of any state! Although the state does not offer much with public hunting grounds, there are more than enough opportunities for a guided hunt with various outfitters and other groups.


Although not regularly known as a hunting state, Missouri hosts over 300,000 turkeys! In fact, the state is often known to have the biggest turkey harvest in the country. The state hosts plenty of turkeys, but what may be even better is the management behind the hunting season there. In addition, there is a massive amount of public land for hunting in practically every county.


Pennsylvania has a deep and long hunting history. The craggy and rugged terrain is ideal for the large turkey population the state hosts. In addition, Pennsylvania hosts all-day hunting in various areas, and public land is available throughout most of the state.


Wisconsin currently has the fourth highest turkey population in the nation, which gives hunters plenty of reason to visit the Badger State. Hunting licenses are available for $83 for all non-residents. However, if you fail to obtain your license, there are many left over in other various counties of the state. Make sure to visit in the springtime for the optimal experience.


Coming in at number one is the southern gem of turkey hunting. Turkey numbers come in at around 50,000, and the generous bag limit for each sportsman is 5 birds. For the most part, gobblers can be found in all areas of the state, but the central part often boasts the best hunting due to the wooded areas.

While you’re out exploring with your Little Guy, make sure to drop in on one of these five states for the best turkey hunting!


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