Waiting for winter to pass to do this?

My parents spent 10 years traveling the country in their motor home. I thought they were nuts. Why would any sane person leave their beautiful home to share a 25 foot “home?” Then, I listened to their adventures for 10 years. With little to no thought of buying my own motor home, I find myself selling a home that I’d been renting out. 6 months later, I’m at an RV show, step inside Little Guy Max and I’m in love. 1 month later, I’ve bought a new car (to pull LGM) and my 1st motor home/trailer.

As a teacher, I’d just headed back to work but was able to fit in 2 weekend adventures not too far from home. Sadly, LGM is now snuggled up in a friend’s garage for the long Vermont winter. My pup and I now have 6 months to dream of the adventures that await us next summer. So many options….who would have thought? Certainly not me but oh how I hope this winter goes quickly!

Susan Koepplinger
Waitsfield, Vermont

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