20,000 Miles In A Little Guy Max

When our kids were young, we tent camped quite a bit as a family and fell in love with our time in the outdoors. Not too long after we found this love for camping, we upgraded from a tent to a camper. We made so many wonderful memories in that camper, until our kids grew up and became too busy to camp with us. We reluctantly decided to sell it after not using it for a full year.

However, after selling it we never imagined the void that camper would leave in our lives. Chris started researching small campers that would be perfect for a couple of “soon to be” empty nesters, like ourselves. After visiting an RV show in Missouri just to see the Little Guy Max, we were sold and soon to be owners of a 2019 Little Guy Max.

We have, in just over a year, traveled 20,000 miles to Niagara, Glacier, Key West, Acadia, Moab, and the Tetons. This camper has not only fueled our desire to travel more, but it has been a blessing for our marriage. We, as a couple, share this beautiful hobby. We look forward to a possible early retirement where we plan to travel every other month. We are beyond excited to take our tiny home on wheels all over the United States to explore God’s wonderful creation.

Christy and Chris Turner
Centerton, AR

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