Size Matters: Pros to owning a Lightweight Towable

Owning a camping trailer for getaways is on your bucket list, but when you weigh the pros and cons of getting a giant trailer it seems like more work than relaxation. That’s because you haven’t been looking at the right trailers. A teardrop has everything you need in a trailer in a compact size. Little Guy’s lightweight towable teardrops are so easy to tow our grandmother does it. But, if you’re still not convinced here are three reasons to go with a lightweight towable.

Size Matters

Bigger isn’t always better, the aerodynamic compact design of the teardrop trailer makes it easy for you to hook up to your vehicle and hit the road. You don’t have to buy a new vehicle just to tow these Little Guys either. The heaviest teardrop, the BOSS weighs in at less than 2,000 pounds. Our lightest trailer, the Rascal is 490 pounds and can be towed with a motorcycle or smart car.

Being small and light has other advantages too. Towing a big 5th wheeler will gobble up your gas, but our light weight Little Guy will barely make a dent in your gas tank. Teardrops are easy on your budget and the environment because they don’t eat up your gas.  So go ahead and drive a few more miles just to see what’s up ahead.

Whether you are traveling solo or with the crew, as soon as you pull up to the campsite the objective becomes focused on unloading and relaxing.  With a teardrop, you spend less time on backing up and repositioning and more time playing, relaxing and exploring.

Big trailers are too cumbersome to take off road and require open spaces for parking. A Little Guy camper goes where you tow it to. The small and sturdy frame of the Rough Rider makes it ideal for getting off the grid.


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