Sierra Teardrops Chooses the Little Guy Max

Little Guy Max
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Sierra Teardrops is well-known in Northern California for making the camping experience as complete and easy as possible with their teardrop trailer rentals. Sierra is perfectly situated near Yosemite, Tahoe, and Napa Valley, allowing their customers to quickly pick up and spend a weekend in one of California’s beautiful adventure destinations.

When making the decision to add a new model to their fleet, Sierra considered several options, but ultimately chose the Little Guy Max. Here’s a sample of their full write-up comparing the Max to a similar model.

Sierra Teardrops writes:

“[We] scoured the internet for pictures. And then looked at both trailers again in person. And then we chose the Little Guy Max. We liked the rear receiver to haul more gear, having more storage in the trailer, and the more useable kitchen area. We also were tipped by the larger fridge (which can run on propane unlike the 400’s), the sound bar under the main TV, and the microwave oven. We just like how it felt inside better. Oh, a big factor was also the larger front table in the Max. Trish and I both work while on the road, and being able to have two laptops, drinks, and notebooks was a big deal for us.

We also added the options for a front 2-bike rack, 100w solar panels, and the “Rough Rider” package for more clearance (3.5″) and some seriously beefy tires.

This Little Guy Max is now availble for rent from Sierra Teardrops!”

Our sincere thanks to Sierra Teardrops for taking the time to compare these models in such depth. And of course, we couldn’t be happier that the Max came out on top!

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