Should I Get a GoPro: The Pros and Cons

The holidays have finally wound down and you’re free to explore again with your Little Guy.You’ll want to document all your adventures, and this is where a decision must be made…should I get a GoPro or not?

Go What?

In the last ten years or so, the GoPro camera has become increasingly popular. But just what is a Gopro camera and what makes it so darn special?

To put it simply, a GoPro is a completely waterproof, shockproof and high-definition video camera.

Go on YouTube and type in GoPro footage and you’re sure to find thousands of videos taken from adventurous individuals all while surfing, mountain biking, parasailing, hiking… the list goes on!

As for you and your Little Guy, is the GoPro a suitable companion for adventures on the road?

GoPro Positives

One of the great things about a GoPro camera is that they can be mounted anywhere! For example, you may have watched one of the numerous YouTube videos in which a mountain biker, for example may have attached the GoPro to their helmet; a surfer may have strapped one on to the front of their board, and the footage is impressive!

As far as a GoPro and your Little Guy, there are lots of fun possibilities! If you plan on doing any climbing or hiking, bring your GoPro along to capture the full experience. Strap it to your dog, a model rocket or the roof of your Little Guy. You’ll have crystal-clear footage and a unique perspective from your adventure!

Go No!

Although the GoPro is a fantastic piece of technology and can enhance many of your adventures on the road, you have to consider that maybe the GoPro isn’t the perfect fit for you.

Recently, there has been a subtle shift as far as camera technology goes. Many individuals have decided to make the shift back to more old-fashioned gear, such as Polaroid’s. These simple, but reliable cameras offer photographers a more artistic approach to your adventure.

Whether or not you choose to include a GoPro on your next adventure or not, make sure to get out and explore, and send us all of your photos or videos!


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