Q & A with Customer of the Month: Lucia Biemiller- T@B Sofitel aka “Sophi@”

Q: How long have you owned your T@B Sofitel?

A: We purchased our T@B in January 2015, so we’ve had her about five months.

Q: What is your favorite Campsite (Name, City & ST) you have enjoyed the most so far?

A: It’s hard to pick a favorite because we have been to so many beautiful sites. For example Hilton Head Island at the Marina, very nice park, with a pool and it’s nice to see the boats come and go. We also went to New Orleans and stayed at Fontainebleau State Park while having a fantastic time at jazz fest. We’ve also been to Charleston, South Carolina twice and Florida twice. During one of those trips we spent a day at Bulls Island which was amazing.

Of all of those trips our favorite by far is probably High Falls State Park near Jackson, Georgia. It is a small and simple natural State Park, with a river sprinkled by beautiful waterfalls, a placid lake and walking trails along the river path. It was springtime and the trees had bloomed with these gorgeous lavender flowers that made the scenery all the more impressive. We took pictures of our T@b Sophi@ amid the very tall trees -she looked so small, it was cute.

Lucia Biemiller's TaB SofitelQ: What was it about the T@B that brought you to purchasing the trailer?

A: We had been in the market for a small camper and had looked at a regular pop-up camper. We made a trip to Maine to visit some friends and spent the Fourth of July last year touring the area. Our friend’s neighbor had a T@B parked in their driveway. We had never heard of them and were curious as to what that cute little teardrop looking thing was. It was yellow and silver so it quickly caught our eye as we drove by. We wrote down the website, went to it and read about them. We quickly realized this is what we wanted to buy, searched for the nearest dealer and found one about an hour from our home in Georgia. The S Max model offered everything that we were looking for, it seemed efficient, and had everything we thought we needed. When we went to the dealer they had a Sofitel S Max model at their lot, which is why we named her Sophi@ eventually. They were using her for trade shows and we fell in love with her. The Sofitel package had that extra touch we were looking for as I really did not want cloth upholstery for example. The extra lighting, the better tires, the airstream like flooring, and other small quality touches that we fell in love with sold us immediately.

The dealer even offered us a $500 discount if we would let them keep her over the weekend. They wanted to take her to one more trade show before we could take her home, but we turned that offer down.

Q: Do you have any short stories you can share with us from the road?

A: Our very first camping trip was not to a camp site. The reason in part that we did not take the discount offer from the dealer to wait a few days to take our T@B home was because we needed to travel to Florida to visit a relative that was sick. We were so happy to be able to boondock on their driveway, as they did not have enough space for us to stay in the house and we wanted to be nearby to help out as opposed to at a hotel. It was our first camping trip with our T@B and it was a great help to be able to do what we needed to do, getting to know our new trailer while still enjoying the stay without crowding the family. We were so happy with her that when we got back to Georgia we had a custom tag made for her and we called her “luv T@B.”

Q: When you do travel what items or storage ways have you created to ensure you have everything you need with you? Have you purchased any of the accessories (Screenroom Tent, teardrop lock, solar panels, etc)?

A: I travel a lot on business along with my husband so we have learned to pack efficiently. We usually fit our clothing in very small bags to save space, we cook a lot outside so mostly bring meats, fruits and vegetables for camping. We did purchase a hitch lock and the Pahaque Awning (Gray with Orange trim). I love orange, so I’ve had custom-made window awnings and tablecloth, pillows, camp chairs, and dinnerware all with the color orange.

We bought quite a few smaller accessories such as a collapsible trash can, a small toaster and coffee maker, small things like a dish drying rack. We use a lot of high-tech stuff such as our AppleTV and carry a hotspot with us so we always have Wi-Fi. My husband has expanded the speakers with a Bluetooth receiver.

We have a trip planned back to High Falls State Park for 4th of July and this time we are bringing our young adult children with us, so we also bought two extra tents for them.

There are a few other things we want to get but for the most part we have everything we need. I think we will be camping almost every weekend from now on. We love our Sophi@!

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