Little Guy’s Black Friday Survival Guide

Although it’s slightly terrifying to come to the realization, Black Friday is almost upon us and for those of us with Little Guys we truly have the upper hand.

Here are some valuable tips for surviving Black Friday with Your Little Guy.

Go In With a Plan

You’ve got your Little Guy stocked with supplies and food and you feel like you’re ready to take on the apocalypse. You’re feeling confident and life is good as you stare out at the rest of the masses sleeping in tents outside. This is all well and good, but don’t let your confidence completely take over. While you are resting up before the big day, come up with a strategic game plan.

Camper Tip: Write out a list of every person you’d like to shop for and gift ideas.

Make Time for Breaks

You made it into the store, you’ve got your game plan and now your adrenaline is surging. You’re on top of the world and feel like you could go for hours. Do us a favor, stop for a second and take a breath. This is the perfect reason to attack Black Friday with your Little Guy. You have the perfect retreat away from all the madness. Make sure to stock the Little Guy with plenty of energy-boosting snacks and lots of water.

Call Ahead

It may be a good idea to call the store the night or day before just to double-check that they’re Little Guy-friendly…which who wouldn’t be?! At least, we like to think so!

Camper Tip: Let the store you’re arriving with a Little Guy, and not a giant RV!

Leave No Trace

This, of course goes without saying, but it’s imperative that if you choose to bring your Little Guy make sure that you leave no trash or any trace of your presence after your Black Friday adventure. Take a quick stroll around the perimeter of your “camping” area before heading out just to double-check.

Black Friday is stressful and exhausting, but with your Little Guy by your side, you’re sure to at least leave your day with your sanity.


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