Journey to Alaska: Day 4

It’s easy to forget what day of the week it is. Even if I could remember, it just doesn’t matter up here in the middle of nowhere. John and I left Whisker Point Provincial Point and hit the road toward Dawson Creek, the beginning of the Alaska Highway; Milepost “0”. It was beautiful drive from McLeod Lake to Dawson Creek. We stopped in Chetwynd and were amazed at the intricate chainsaw carvings displayed throughout the village. I stopped and took a picture of a giant praying mantis which just happened to be outside a Tim Horton’s Donut Shop. It seems that every town, village, or burg in Canada has at least one Tim Horton’s and an A&W restaurant.

We rolled in to Dawson Creek around 10:00 AM. I tried calling Tom and Mike to let them know we arrived, but evidently they didn’t have phone service. I guess it depends on your particular service. My service by Verizon worked well. Tom has Sprint and Mike uses AT&T. I had left voice messages telling them that we were at the “0” Mile Marker, but they never replied. As 11:00 rolled around we finally met up with them and took pictures at the Famous Mile Marker “0.” We were off onto the Alaska Highway; commonly referred to as The AlCan. We had planned ahead to have walkie-talkies in each car on Channel 4.0. That’s helping us stay in touch while on the road.

We drove 436 miles and decided to camp at Sikanni Chief campground, about 150 miles south of Ft. Nelson. We didn’t have any reservations, but that wasn’t a problem. We checked in around 3:30 and were given campsites along the river. Eventually, a couple from Florida, who had been on the road since March, pulled up next to us. When we were hit with a torrential downpour, they invited us into their motorhome where we shared travel stories and “adult beverages.” Later on, we met a couple from Canada and we all seemed to hit it off. We shared our wine. They shared their Tawny Port. For dinner, Tom used his portable Camp Chef Camp Oven and baked a lasagna. Mike put together a fine salad. We provided more wine and our appetites. After dinner we took turns showing our Teardrops to interested people in the campground. We’re already finding out that we run in to almost the same people throughout our drive along the AlCan. We seemed to party around the campfire until late. (Actually, it’s difficult to tell how late it is because it’s light out well into the night.) Another good day on our Journey to Alaska.

Afterthought: I believe I had mention earlier that my 12v system in the LG had gone out when I arrived in Portland to pick up John. We checked the fuses on the converter and took the battery to Batteries Plus Bulbs and had it checked out. Nothing for a couple more days. When I mentioned the problem to Mike, he immediately suggested that I check the battery fuse. Prior to reading about a battery fuse on the forum, I had no idea there was one. Well, Mike was right. We replaced the fuse and the 12v system is working fine! Another problem solved.

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