Journey to Alaska: Day 2

IMG_1445We got up at 5:00 AM and were ready to hit the road at 6:00. We (John and I) double checked everything and hit the road.  We knew that it was going to be a long day and we wanted to start out early in order to miss the Portland and Seattle traffic on our way north.  It worked out just fine. There were some delays around Seattle, but nothing like we had experienced in the past when we visited the city.

Once we got away from civilization we enjoyed the northern Washington country-side even with the couple of detours. We arrived at the Sumas-Abbotsford border around 11:20 AM. We were a bit apprehensive after reading Mike’s and Tom’s border experience, but had no alternative.  It was time to see what happens!  The line of cars was long and we watched several motorhomes being pulled into stalls for thorough inspections.  When it was our turn, we were asked (1) Where were we going?; How long were we going to be gone?; How did we know one another?; Did we have any fruits, vegetables, alcohol, mace or bear spray?” I told him we had 4 bottles of wine and two bear spray containers.  He told us to have a nice stay in Canada and be safe.  We were on our way after about 5 minutes.  We even asked him to stamp our passports.

It started raining once we entered into Canada and last for about 3 hours. John and I finally made it to Cache Creek at the Brookside Campground around 4:00 after driving 468 miles.  It felt good to sit and relax while enjoying a fine bottle of wine. We were looking forward to a good night’s sleep.


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