Journey to Alaska: 14 Days On The Road & Many More To Come…

We’re 14 days into the trip and are about at the halfway point. We drove only about 220 miles yesterday from Denali to Wasilla, AK. What a gorgeous view the entire 220 miles. There were several pullouts where we were able to get pictures of Mt. McKinley on a really clear day. As we were driving we saw even more picturesque landscapes in the rear view mirror. Unfortunately, there were very few places where we could turn around with our LGs to take more pictures.

We checked into the Big Bear RV Park in Wasilla; about 40 miles from Anchorage. I looked in every direction to see if one could “actually see Russia from here,” but I’m beginning to think that Sarah Palin was exaggerating! We couldn’t even see the small town of Palmer that’s only about 10 miles down the road. Today was another somewhat restful day. We all 4 went out to breakfast before driving into Anchorage. We spent the morning and afternoon in Anchorage visiting the Ulu Factory, the Alaska Wild Berry Products, Costco (to stock up on wines), Oomingmak Musk Ox Producers Co-Op, the Alaska Knife Co., and had lunch at Humpy’s. I’ve been craving pie for a while, so I found a pie shop and bought a Triple Berry Pie for tonight before we hit the road tomorrow.

We’re only going as far as Kenai tomorrow; about 160 miles from Anchorage. It’ll take us a while because we intend to stop along the way at Girdwood, Alyeska Resort, Portage Glacier, and any other place of interest we come across on the road to Kenai. I have a friend in Kenai that is building a house (between fishing trips) and we’ll be parking our LGs on his land. From Kenai we intend to take day trips to Soldatna, Homer, Seward, and possibly Whittier (if we decide on it).

Mike decided that the dirt and grime has been on his car and LG long enough, so he’s out looking for a carwash.  There were several rough, dusty, and muddy sections of road on the way here.  I’m sure there are plenty more ahead; especially when we head up to Chicken.  I’ll keep you posted.

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