How to Enjoy Your Little Guy at Home

Your Little Guy gets lonely sitting in the garage all by itself. It is natural to go through withdrawls between vacations, but you don’t need to wait for your next adventure to have fun with your Little Guy. Here are four ways you can have fun with your Little Guy at home.

Take Him to The Game

Your Little Guy is the ideal tailgating partner. Rely on him to carry the game day essentials and always have his stovetop handy to help with cooking. The Little Guy can even provide some entertainment and he is always down to stay for the whole game if you want to.

Guest House

You’ve been volunteered to host the entire family this holiday season. While the idea sounded good in theory the thought of your father in law’s snores ringing through the house is already giving you a headache. Post the Little Guy up in the back yard and use it as a cozy guest house.

Out Door Kitchen

That moment when you’re hosting a BBQ in your backyard but don’t have enough burners to keep everything warm so hosting a BBQ turns into a mad sprint between your kitchen and the back yard. Few, I am out of breath just thinking about the scenario. Exercise is great, but not when you’re transporting hot foods. Hook the Little Guy up in the backyard and use the burners as an outdoor kitchen. This way you can cook and socialize with your guests.

Secret Fort

This is a great way to save your back and a tree. Instead of building a playhouse for the kids set up the Little Guy. Not only is the Little Guy a lightweight towable trailer, but it’s also a spaceship and secret base. Just one rule though, adults are allowed to play too.

What do you do with your Little Guy when you’re not on the road? Share a comment below.

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