Customer of the Month: Gil Smith with his 2015 6×10 Silver Shadow

Q: What make, model and year is your Little Guy?

GS: I have owned my 2015 6×10 (silver) Silver Shadow Teardrop trailer for about a month.

Q: What was it about the LG that lead you to purchasing it over other models?

GS: The reason I went with LG is because of the “Old School” classic styling and the craftsmanship that is put into these campers. The first time I saw one, I couldn’t believe the retro teardrop styling, yet once inside the top of the line materials, quality and features put me over the top. Once inside I was surprised and amazed how much room I had, as I am a 6’3 man’. With the AC and Entertainment center built in, I had all the comforts of home with me on the road. The (Power) inverter and water storage allow me to stay anywhere which is important to have the freedom to get off the concreate pads and into the back woods. The cooking station in the back (Grill, Refrigerator, Sink and stove) makes it very easy to cook my great meals without adding the extra odors inside the sleeping area.


Q: What is your favorite campsite you have traveled to this summer or prior? (Name, City and State)

GS: I really enjoyed taking it out to The Black Water State Park here in NW Florida. The park amenities and being able to camp right on the lake make this place a favorite for me.


Q: Do you have any favorite short stories or items worth noting from your travels this year that you can share involving your LG?

GS: Anytime I pull it out to wash, pack or hook up and leave, everyone stops and wants to look inside. They all are amazed with the room it has, the amenities that are built in and the looks it has. Being a taller guy many people think I enjoy sleeping in a cramped space, however once they look inside they realize the amount of space I have making the Silver Shadow my home away from home.

Q: What modifications/additions have you done to you LG that you would suggest to others?

GS: My next purchase is the Yakima canoe rack for my boats. Did I mention how much storage it has? My fishing equipment is already packed perfectly in the storage compartments under the bed. The cabinets in the rear clamshell kitchen and inside the cabin give me plenty of room for the essentials I need while I am out enjoying the wilderness. I love it!!

Q: What other things would you like people to know when looking at a Little Guy Product?

GS: I am currently restoring an old classic Jeep (Pictured) that I use to pull my LG trailer with. With the craftsmanship built into these Little Guys, I can take it anywhere that my adventures take me. In a fast pace working world, my Silver Shadow has made “getting back into the outdoors” so easy. It’s all packed, ready to go. No fumbling around for tents, sleeping bags and camping gear. You hook up and enjoy life. It’s amazing.

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