Journey to Alaska

Little Guy community members Mike Smith (a.k.a. "Michigan Mike"), Tom English and Greg Seely are traveling from Michigan to Alaska. Follow them on their six week voyage to The Last Frontier. The guys will be posting updates regularly on the trip, so stop back often to see the next update!

Journey to Alaska: On the road again…

photo 1Well, the time has finally come after a year in the making. While sitting around the campfire at last year’s Little Guy Western Rally in McCall, Idaho, the topic of driving to Alaska came up. Naturally, after a couple of glasses of wine, more and more people started taking an interest in “caravanning” up to our 49th State. (I believe someone actually mentioned caravanning to the 50th State, but it would be impossible to get a bunch of Teardrops and T@Bs to Hawaii. See what effects wine has on a person?)  We discussed the pros and cons of caravanning with a bunch of trailers, agreeing that it would be difficult to accommodate everyone’s wishes along the way.  So, the topic was put on the back burner.

Not long thereafter, Michigan Mike and I talked and re-lit the fire. Driving to Alaska was something that we had always wanted to do.  Initially, I was going to head up there in May, but settled for a later date in July.  I posted my intent under the discussion Alaska 2015 on the LG Forum and started generating some interest. To make a long story short, Mike and Tom English contacted me and the plans were set in motion…several times!  I can’t say how many times I changed my itinerary over the past year. Initially, I had planned on driving to Alaska via the Cassiar Highway, but changed it to the AlCan Highway shortly after another friend decided to leave on a later date.  I also figured that the AlCan Highway would most likely be the one that other Little Guy Forum members would be most interested for future trips north.

The time has come. Our bags are packed. Our coolers are cool. Our Teardrops are ready. Our tow vehicles have been checked out. Our passports are readily available. I noticed that both Mike and Tom have left their respective homes (using the Find My Friends app) and are on their way to meet up with me on Sunday, July 26th in Dawson Creek, BC; the beginning of the Alaska Highway. We’re looking forward to future postings along the way and providing you with some great pictures and sidebars. I’ll be starting my journey from Spokane, WA.