Camping Tips & Tricks: Handy Storage Tips & Tricks

Repurpose containers to hold your spices.


One camping challenge is finding ways to bring useful everyday kitchen items with you. One item worth putting in your cooking trick bag for shorter trips is the seven-day pill box for spices. Holding enough spices for a couple meals, a pill box will help save space in the cabinets while giving you the ability to have multiple flavors for those special dishes.

Repurpose a used coffee can.


Do you own a T@B CS-S or S model? Do you ever wonder how to keep your Kleenex or Toilet paper dry? How about port-a-potty users? Do you wake up from a night of sleep only to find fresh morning dew all over the roll? Old coffee cans to the rescue! Coffee cans are a great solution to protect your toiletries during the camping season.

Rake Utensil Holder


Looking to store those larger utensils for cooking? Buy and detach a 10-16 tine metal rake end from your local garden supply store. Mount the end upside down with the tines facing out. Add your cooking utensils for a great way to store keys and other small items.

Collapsible Trash Can


Trash cans tend to be the last thing thought about when going camping, yet they can be the largest hassle at the campground. Here’s a great tip: repurpose this collapsible laundry basket as a trash can. Available at most home department stores, this simple addition can go a long way to keep your trailer and campsite clean during the summer season.

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