Camping Tips and Tricks – Unique Storage and Fire Starting Tricks

Fire Starter: Use Doritos as Tinder


Running low on paper, dry wood or lighter fluid? Doritos to the rescue. These favorite snack chips work very well as tinder for starting campsite fires. They are not the most nutritional food, but they serve as a great backup plan for those tricky fire starting situations.

Simple Storage: Crack and Store Your Eggs in a Mason Jar


Worried about having steady, secure storage on the road for your eggs? We have the solution. Crack and empty each egg into a mason jar. It fits perfectly in a cooler or refrigerator, without the worry of cracking eggshells.

Multi-Purpose Shoe Organizer


Keep supplies, utensils and other knick-knack items stored and secured using a shoe organizer. Typically hung behind bedroom doors, this great organization tool can be split multiple times in order to custom fit behind multiple door sizes.

Freeze Several Gallons of Water to Keep Food Fresh


Keep those frozen perishables longer by freezing 1 gallon jugs of water. The jug-shaped blocks of ice will last longer than regular cubes and provide plenty of gallons of ice water at your disposal.

Multi-Purpose Tupperware Containers with Sandpaper for Match Starting


Take a standard size Tupperware container and lid, cut and glue a piece of sandpaper to the lid and fill the container with matches. This is a simple, effective way to keep matches dry while providing a sure way to start a fire every time.

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