Beware of These Poison Plants

As you’re hiking along the trail and enjoying all that Nature has to give, make sure to pay attention to the flora around you.

Here, we take a look at five of the most poisonous plants to avoid on the trail.


These sweet-looking flowers often appear around October and November on your neighbor’s front porch. It’s also a well-known fact that gardeners plant these flowers to keep rabbits away from their blooms. This is because they are toxic to ingest. In addition, they can also cause you to itch and cause a minor allergic reaction.


The ficus grows mostly in warmer areas of the US. They can grow up to 75 feet tall and there are about 800 species of the plant. Their stems are toxic. If you end up coming into contact with a ficus, your skin may appear puffy and itchy. However, the plant is not deadly.


Unlike the other plants we have listed so far which will give you minor to major allergic reactions, the oleander is indeed toxic. The entire plant is toxic. For example, if the plant is burned, the smoke can cause major health issues.

            Symptoms: change in heart rate, increase or decrease


The bright pink blooms of this bloom are beautiful to gaze at, but deadly to ingest. The leaves of the plant are toxic, as well as the honey produced from the nectar. Contact a doctor immediately if you or someone you’re with is experiencing any of the following symptoms:

            Burning sensation in the mouth



            Tingling sensation on the skin

            Muscle weakness


            Blurred vision



The familiar white blooms are often signs of the arrival of spring. However, they are sometimes confused onions with their recognizable bulbs. If eaten in large amounts, the narcissus bulbs can cause some adverse side effects. Some symptoms you may experience include:






Contact a doctor immediately if you suspect you think you have consumed the bloom.

Before you set out for any adventure, make sure you have an understanding of the area and of any poisonous plants that may be in the area.


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