Accessory of the Month: Winegard Amplified TV Antenna

Antenna2Looking for a small yet powerful TV Antenna with free HD TV channel reception?

The Rayzar Amplified TV Antenna is the perfect and simple solution. Thin, ultra-lightweight and easy to mount are a few of the features that make this antenna the optimal choice for Teardrop trailers. Do not let the size fool you, the amplified power of this antenna will reach twice the range of its regular crank-up counterparts.


  • Extra long coax connection cord allows for optimal placement.
  • Suction cup clips allow for easy installation, tear down and flexibility of placement
  • Permanent installation not required, no roof space necessary.
  • Powered through USB, 12V or 110V adapters. All Included.

Quick 4 Step Setup:

  • Connect to “antenna in” coax on the back of any digital TV.
  • Power up by plugging in the low noise amplifier via USB, 12V or 110V connectors.
  • Place the antenna on a window, wall or flat surface via the suction cup clips.
  • Under the TV Menu, check the signal strength quality. If it shows “Good” or better run a TV channel scan.

Comes complete with:

  • 18.5” Mni Coaxial Cable
  • 3’ USB Power Cable
  • 12V and 110V to USB Adapters
  • 2 Suction cup clips for installation
  • Manual

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