5 Ways to Stay Warm While Camping

5 Ways to Stay Warm While Camping

As the mercury in our thermometers continues to dip, and if you’re planning on doing any sort of camping, it’s extremely important to know how to keep yourself warm!

Below, we’ve listed five helpful tips.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

When it’s colder outside, we may feel as if we’re not thirsty. This is not the case at all. Your body works harder to keep you warm, and you tend to lose much more water through sweat. Layers and layers of heavy clothing cause your body temperature to rise. In addition, water allows your body to generate heat, so drink up!

Eat Up!

Remember, your body works twice as hard when it’s cold outside. You’ll need at least twice the amount of calories you usually eat since your body is on overdrive to generate as much heat as it can.

 Camp Smart: Load up on snacks to much on throughout the day and night. These could include nuts, protein bars and beef jerky

Stay Covered

When looking for the perfect spot to set up camp, make sure to pick one with lots of trees. This will help to block the cold wind. If your only option is out in the open, dig a 1 -2 foot hole that your tent will rest in, so to help block any frigid air blowing in.

Don’t Wear Constrictive Clothing

When certain items of clothing are too tight, especially socks or gloves, they tend to cut off  socks or gloves, they tend to cut off your circulation. When your blood can’t properly flow, your body will have a very hard time trying to keep itself warm.

Camp Smart: Wear your gloves, socks and liners when you go to sleep at night. Your hands and feet will stay warm all through the night.

The Rule of 3

When spending time or camping outdoors, you want to stay as warm and dry as possible. To achieve this, you’ll want to wear 3 layers of clothing; they include a base, middle and outer layer. You’ll want to pick clothing made of lightweight and waterproof material. Stay away from cotton is it takes longer to dry if it becomes wet.

From all of us at Little Guy, stay warm out there!

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