3 Reasons a myPod is The Best Motorcycle Road Trip Buddy

Freedom is the wind blowing through your hair as you ride your motorcycle down the open highway.  Your adrenaline surges as you throw caution and your daily routine into the wind and embark on a road trip adventure. Schedules mean nothing, um, except for that strict 12 p.m. check in time you have to make. If only you had a little more room on your motorcycle, a tent or something would be nice.

Truly kicking your schedule to the curb and sleeping wherever you please aren’t the only reason a myPod is the ideal companion for you and your hog. With its sleek European looking fiberglass exterior and aluminum frame, the  lightweight myPod is the ideal companion for your three-wheeler motorcycle. Here are three more reasons to make this Little Guy your road trip companion.


Packing your car for a road trip is very different from packing your motorcycle, space is limited. Preparation usually entails pulling out everything that you want to take and then narrowing it down to the essentials. There is a fine line between comfort and necessity and heaven forbid you forget something important. A myPod solves the space issue so go ahead; pack your repair kit and your Bluetooth speakers.

Protection from the Elements

We check the weather about a dozen times before we hit the road and even during pit stops. While Al Roker swears it’s going to be sunny with only a 20 percent chance of rain, Mother Nature has a different agenda. Surprise, torrential down pour!  It doesn’t always catch you at the most convenient location either, like somewhere you can take shelter.

Luckily your myPod can be set up and taken down in minutes. As soon as you find a safe spot to pull over you can cover your bike and bundle up in your myPod until the storm passes.

Save on Travel Expenses

Lodging is a lot cheaper when you’re towing it with you. It cost less per night to stay at a campground than it does a fancy hotel. Plus you have an opportunity to meet your neighbors. Everyone at the campground will want to learn about your sleek myPod and motorcycle, it’s a great conversation starter.

Eating out on vacation hurts your wallet and your waistline. A myPod has enough room for your cooler and a few cooking utensils. Cooking your own meals on vacation is a great way to control your diet and budget.

Camping Tip: If you need to travel light invest in a cast iron Dutch oven. You can cook just about anything in a Dutch oven.

What roads do you like to travel when you’re on your motorcycle? Let us know by commenting in the Little Guy Forum!

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