Left to Right: Sara & Robin, and Brad & Zach of Tom's Camperland.

“It Was Everything We Wanted in a Small Trailer”

To say Robin and Sara were excited to pick up their Little Guy Mini Max might be underselling it. When the very first shipment of Mini’s showed up at their dealership, Robin and Sara were there waiting.

“They said, please give us a chance to wash them.” as the pair hovered around the shipment waiting to get a look.

“When they were bringing them up they said, could you please give us some room to get them in the door?” “We were so excited.”

Robin and Sara did their homework. When asked why they chose the Mini Max; their list quick and concise.

“It was everything we wanted in a small trailer.”
“A little taller”
“It has a bigger refrigerator”
“A bigger shower”
“A bigger bed”
“More storage area, which was key”
“We can pull it with our Subaru Outback”

Aside from providing us with some excellent marketing bullet points, these two knew what they were looking for and have seemed to have found it in the Little Guy Mini Max.

“We were looking at a similar competitor’s model, but this solved all the problems that the competitors model had.”

Waiting at the dealership for the delivery truck is precisely the level of excitement we were looking for when we designed the entire Little Guy Max line of products.

Watch Robin and Sara’s Full Video below to hear their whole story on why they chose the Little Guy Mini Max.

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