50 Years Lived, 50 States to Visit in a MyPod

Hello fellow campers! I am traveling to ALL 50 states in my 50th year of life! It is a trip of a lifetime! I am traveling with my old school 2002 Acura TL and my Little Guy MyPod Trailer! It has been fantastic so far! I have not had one issue with my trailer or my car and I am 18,000+ miles into the trip! I started at my parents home in Kansas on January 17th and went straight west and then flew to Hawaii as Little Guy has yet to make a trailer that floats! Then worked my way south through the winter and all the way up to Maine and now I am working my way west across the U.S. and will end in Alaska! You can follow my trip on Facebook at Rhoades Traveled. On Instagram at rhoades.traveled or at www.rhoadestraveled.com.

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