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Why Little Guy’s Micro Max is Perfect for the Girl Camper

Girl Camper has had a long history with Little Guy Trailers. Founder and Camper in Chief, Janine Pettit, has owned both the Little Guy Max and Little Guy Mini Max. So, when it came time for me to look for a light weight towable, the Little Guy Micro Max was at the top of my list. I am absolutely in love with it.

Janine Pettit in her Little Guy Max.
Founder and Camper in Chief of Girl Camper, Janine Pettit, in her Little Guy Mini Max.

But before I tell you why I love my Micro (aka Mike Ro), let me tell you about me. Hi! I’m Lesa McDermott with Girl Camper, one of the largest women’s camping organizations in the country. I am an avid outdoors person who loves to camp, especially in my home area, the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. I’ve owned 5th wheels, horse trailers, camper vans, travel trailers, and now… my first teardrop, the Little Guy Micro Max. As I often camp with fellow Girl Campers and without my husband, the Micro ticked so many boxes for me on what I wanted for my next camper. Let’s begin…

It’s Light Weight.

My tow vehicle is a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon with a 3.6L engine. Its tow capacity is only 3,500 pounds. For safety reasons, I don’t want to exceed 85% of my tow capacity, which puts my capacity at 2,975 pounds. My previous travel trailer had a dry weight of 2,400 pounds. But when I took it to a CAT Scale to be weighed with all my stuff in it, it came in at 3,440 pounds! Too close for comfort. I knew then I needed to sell it and look for a very lightweight towable that my Jeep could easily and safely tow. I also wanted something with a smaller profile and that wouldn’t get buffeted around in the wind. With the Micro having a dry weight of only 1,860 pounds and being only 7’ 2.5” tall and 6’8” wide, it’s perfect. I’ve already towed it a few thousand miles and I don’t even know it’s there.

Its compact size also allows me to access remote or narrow campsites that may be challenging for larger RVs. Its lighter weight also makes it more fuel efficient to tow and saves me money on gas.

Lesa's Micro Max at Allen Ranch
Lesa’s Micro Max at Allen Ranch

It’s Quality-Built.

I wanted a camper that I would be proud to own. That I would be excited to show people. While there are several light weight towables on the market, few have the quality or craftsmanship that a Little Guy trailer has and the Micro is no exception. Its interior woodwork is hardwood maple with dovetail drawer construction. The windows are 1” thick, insulated, dual pane acrylic windows. That means no condensation and will help keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They also have integrated shades and screens.

A contributing factor to the Micro’s light weight is that the frame or cage is all aluminum with 2×2 aluminum struts welded together. The walls are Azdel Onboard® Composite panels which are strong, lightweight, quiet, weather and temperature resistant, odorless and environmentally friendly. They also have three times the insulation value and do not take on moisture so you’ll never have mold. All Little Guy Trailers are hand made in Pennsylvania and are not mass produced.

It’s Great for Boondocking.

We do a lot of boondocking or dry camping. There are numerous federal campgrounds in the Black Hills that do not have hookups of any kind. We also have over a million acres of forest service and other national lands that are open to camping, including “The Wall” that overlooks Badlands National Park.

Sunrise view of the Badlands National Park at "The Wall" from inside the Little Guy Micro Max.
Sunrise view of the Badlands National Park at “The Wall” from inside the Little Guy Micro Max.

My Micro has the optional solar and touring package with 15” off road tires and an extra 3.5” lift for more clearance. The fridge is 12volt, as is the TV and radio. There are also plenty of outlets to charge my phone and tablet. It has an outdoor shower in case I need to wash off which I can pair with a pop-up shower tent. I opted for the Micro version without the cassette toilet, and instead have a luggable loo which too can go in the pop-up shower tent. The Micro is “self-contained” so it also can go to Harvest Host locations.

It’s Loaded with Extra Features.

The Micro has a ton of features you won’t find in many trailers its size. It has two dinette areas that both convert into beds. I’ve converted the bigger one into the queen size bed and plan to leave it that way. I can use the smaller dinette to work from on rainy days. The small kitchen has a 2-burner propane cooktop, small sink, 12v refrigerator, and a microwave. There are several 12v USB plugs for charging devices. A surprising amount of storage. A 12v television that you can easily move outside and mount on the side of the trailer as well as the small dinette table. The 12v Bluetooth stereo has numerous plugins making it easy to attach a DVD player, Amazon Firestick, or several other devices, so that you can watch your favorite shows on the television.. LED lighting both inside and out. It also comes equipped with 5,000 BTU air conditioner for the summer and 16,000 BTU furnace for the winter.

The Size is Perfect.

The Micro is big enough I can stand up in it as its interior height is 5’9”. But its small enough that it will fit into our garage because its exterior height is only 7’2.5”.

Buying a Little Guy Micro Max travel trailer can offer several advantages if you prefer a compact and convenient camping experience. It encourages you to pack lightly and focus on the essentials, allowing you to disconnect from the busyness of everyday life and embrace a more minimalist and nature-oriented approach to camping.

Ultimately, the decision to buy a Little Guy Micro Max travel trailer depends on your personal preferences, travel style, and the type of camping experience you seek. Consider factors such as your towing capacity, desired amenities, budget, and the places you plan to visit before making a purchase. For me, the Micro Max, is the perfect choice.

Lisa McDermott
Lesa McDermott, Vice President of Operations; Writer & Guide with Girl Camper.

About Lesa McDermott & Girl Camper

Lesa McDermott is the Vice President of Operations for Girl Camper. In addition to running the day to day operations of Girl Camper, she also writes for Girl Camper and plans events. She is a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America and lives in Custer, South Dakota with her husband Karl and several fur monsters that often camp with her. She and her husband own a construction company and she is an attorney. She is also very active with Casting For Recovery, whose mission is to enhance the lives of women with breast cancer by connecting them to each other and nature through the therapeutic sport of fly fishing.

Girl Camper is a women’s lifestyle and media brand focusing on camping, outdoor activities, camaraderie, and travel. It produces the Girl Camper Magazine, has a website with informative and fun blog posts, hosts events, and maintains national and local social network communities on Facebook. Search for Girl Camper on Facebook and find your local chapter.

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