Towing Tips: Jeep® Wrangler

There is nothing like taking your Jeep® Wrangler off the road and getting off the grid. Clearing the road noise before rolling down your window to breathe fresh air into your lungs is an invigorating feeling. Here are a few tips for breaking the boundaries and going off road with your Rough Rider.

There are two versions of this Little Guy a 5 wide and a 6 wide, it has a custom made chassis, electric brakes, pintle hook and skid plates. The Rough Rider was built for rugged terrain with its 15” mud tires and squared off fender.

Puddles are what we live for; it’s good to get dirty. We recommend you allow 19 inches for water fording when driving through water. Check the weather, if it has recently rained and you think you may be driving through a questionable puddle simply switch out the trailer tires for taller tires. This will give you an extra bit of clearance.

There is nothing like sleeping on a mattress after a long day of driving the Jeep® on uneven roads. While the Little Guy can go where you tow it, sometimes it is nice to set up camp and explore the trail on your own. Add a 5’ deep platform to a 6 wide Rough Rider and bring your dirt bike or ATV out on the road with you.

The Rough Rider weighs 1,490 pounds. As you pack the cabin, split the weight on a forward basis by making sure that 40 percent of the load is in the back and 60 percent of the load is in the front. Keep in mind to distribute the weight evenly on either side of the trailer for balance. When you are done packing the belly of your Little Guy, throw a blanket over your gear to protect the windows from getting banged up.

Where do you tow your Rough Rider? Tell us about your adventures in the forum. We love learning about new places to take the Jeep®.


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