The Secret to Keeping Your Fitness Resolution

If your fitness resolution is the same as last year and you still don’t belong to a gym, it’s time to switch tactics. This is my secret, make more time to go camping. Plan an action packed weekend getaway to mix up your workout routine and give you something to work towards.

Here are some ways your Little Guy can help you keep your new year resolution.

Dirt Biking

Load up your Little Guy Six Wide Sport and head to the Aqua Caliente trails outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Test out your endurance training by traversing the Arizona desert on a dirt bike. You won’t even notice the soreness in your muscles as you drink in the desert scenery and rich history of the deserted mines.

Camp Smart: Winter is the best time to visit the Arizona desert, but  you still need to pack plenty of water and sunscreen.


Leave the hot yoga studio for a weekend to practice your breathing on the soft sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast. Fort Desoto Park in St. Petersburg, FL has a beautiful campground covered in pine trees. Wake up with the dawn and take a short walk to the scenic beaches for a relaxing swim. Rent a paddle board and practice your balance by doing yoga on the water.


It’s hard to get excited about running when you’re still digesting your food baby from the holidays. A change of scenery is exactly what you need to rekindle your love of running. The wild trails in Southern California’s Joshua Tree National Park is the change you need to keep your pace up.

The Little Guy is the workout buddy you need to see you through your fitness resolution. What action packed weekend getaways are you going to plan this year?


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