Tailgating Tips: Ultimate Game Day Setup

Football season is full swing and the world is right again. Instead of camping at camp sites people are pitching tents in stadium parking lots. It’s not just about the game anymore; avid tailgaters compete amongst themselves to create the ultimate game day experience. This usually includes grilling, various games, a cooler, etc. Not to mention, you will need all the extra space you can get to haul any extra goodies. Be different this tailgating season! Here are some tips on creating a game day experience worthy of the Heisman trophy.

Take Your Little Guy

Don’t leave your Little Guy at home, take him to the game. The extra storage space will be needed for all your tailgating must-haves. Setup the ultimate party spot with your  teardrop trailer and side mount screen room tent. The neighbors might be a little jealous, but your guests will appreciate the shade.

Set the atmosphere by dressing up your Little Guy for the game. Hang lights in the team’s colors and fly a flag with the team’s logo so guests can easily find your campsite. Put the pre-game highlights on the screen to get everyone riled up for the main event.

Kitchen Play

You take care of the grilling, with it’s two stove tops and sink; let your Little Guy handle the rest. This is your secret play, the ability to serve hot food and provide running water is this Little Guy’s winning move.

The Cabin

The life of the party is always the first to crash. Some people get way too excited and party a little too hard, but this shouldn’t mean you have to leave the game early. Let the little ones or, ahem that one friend sleep it off in the cabin area while you enjoy the rest of the game.

Do you tailgate with your Little Guy? Share your tips and experience in the comments below. We love to see how you dress up your Little Guy for the game.


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