My Little Hotel on Wheels

I first went RV shopping April 2017 and was planning to full-time in it. When I could not find a trailer that met all of my needs, I found a place to live and put aside the full timing for now. Then I decided to begin traveling more especially for my 2nd job and realized it was time to RV shop again. Personally, I don’t enjoy staying in hotels, so having my own little hotel on wheels was a great motivation.

I purchased my SUV in 2015 with the notion that eventually I will get a travel trailer to tow. One day in August 2017 while searching YouTube for travel trailers, I ran across the videos for the 2018 Little Guy Max and immediately fell head over heels in love! Once I saw the orientation I knew this was created especially for me.

Purchased my Little Guy Max October 2017. Tom’s Camperland in Mesa, Arizona was one of the best experiences of my life!

I got on the phone and immediately called the manufacturer who referred me to Tom’s Camperland in Mesa, Arizona. When I say this dealer in Arizona was by far the best experience of my life with purchasing a large item, I truly mean it! Every single person that I have met that works there from the receptionist to the salesperson to the managers to the mechanics are absolutely professional, warm-hearted, and they genuinely care about their clientele.

Of course my best friend Apollo is enjoying every minute. We just took a little getaway January 18-22nd and had a blast!

This experience, coupled with an awesome trailer, was my inspiration to drive to Arizona from California and place a deposit that day. A couple weeks later I had my trailer! Generally speaking, it has been such an awesome experience having my Little Guy. It has everything that I need. The extra amenities such as the bike rack and the solar panel sold me because I’m a biker! Although it is small like all the teardrops, it does not feel small because it has a separate dining area, a wet bath, a queen bed, a decent sized refrigerator, a huge kitchen sink, storage for days, 2 TVs, microwave, spare tire, and a 2 burner stove!

Everything I need, my little hotel on wheels. Thank you so much for building this Teardrop trailer just for me! You really had people like me in mind. ?

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