Mini Max Wedding Weekend Getaway

I’m so excited to share my story because I absolutely LOVE our Little Guy Mini Max! I spotted my first teardrop camper about 2 years ago while on a tenting trip and was hooked! I became obsessed and started researching every different brand imaginable to learn more. It seemed like a far-fetched dream for so long… we’d talk about it but just wouldn’t commit. Finally, after two years of shopping around, we stepped inside a LG Mini Max and knew it was exactly what we wanted. We decided to completely rearrange our lifestyle to accommodate our dream and make time for a lot more camping! Sadly, that Mini Max we stepped into had just sold. The dealer told us that was his last 2019 model and he wasn’t sure when he’d be getting his 2020s. We put our names on the wait list, but every day we waited seemed like a missed opportunity to be camping. So while we were in New Jersey a couple weeks later for a friend’s wedding, we snuck away for the day (the day after the wedding, of course) and drove 3 hours to Maryland to pick up a LG that we found online and brought it back to show all of our friends!! Since that day, we’ve been taking it everywhere with us and it’s become a second home for myself, my partner and our puppy.

One of the first things we did was plan a cross-country trip to visit many of my friends I haven’t seen since I separated from the military… what a wonderful first season with the camper! We traveled from Maine to Colorado and many places in between, enjoying this beautiful country and all the lovely people along the way. Everywhere we stopped, people wanted to step inside and see our camper. I’m pretty sure we also inspired several friends who are now looking to buy their own. Now my dream is for all our friends to have their own Little Guy so we can plan some of these fun trips together.

All in all, this camper has been the perfect getaway vehicle to escape our busy lives. We hop in the car, head to a remote area, and the stress seems to melt away. It allows us to have a few comforts of home, while enjoying the peace and quiet of the outdoors. We’ve literally camped every single weekend since we got it. One weekend we even got ready for a wedding in the camper (yes, another wedding!), and camped for that entire weekend. SO. MUCH. FUN.

We’ve had so many fun adventures and memories already, I can’t wait for years and years of memories to come in our Little Guy Mini Max!

Sarah Caron
Standish, Maine

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