Louis & Michelle with their new Max and our Chris Baum at Beckley's Camping Center.

Michelle & Louis With Their Little Guy Max

They knew what they wanted, until they did their research. The story of Michelle and Louis begins with a drive down the interstate and an Instagram post. Louis saw a competitor teardrop and became intrigued by the idea of camping with a smaller trailer. “I posted on Instagram: This is my next investment,” he described.

This led them to a whirlwind of research into the teardrop market. An upcoming RV show allowed them to check out various teardrop models up close and in person. In the end, they landed on the Little Guy Max. All the features and space matched what they were looking for, but something else stood out.

“We settled on [The Little Guy Max] for many reasons. One of the primary reasons was the relationship we developed with the Little Guy team with regards to understanding the product, and being able to walk us through, and giving us confidence…”

Michelle is an enthusiastic and active participant in our Little Guy Max & Mini Max Group on Facebook. By joining the group, she and Louis were both able to interact with current owners, prospective owners, and the Little Guy team. This interaction on the Facebook group has been a big reason why many folks all over the country are turning their attention to Little Guy products. At nearly 2,000 members, the group is a great resource before and after the purchase.

“It’s a valuable resource for us too,” said Chris Baum of Little Guy Trailers, explaining how important the group is for taking in design feedback from customers.

So what’s next for Michelle and Louis? Well, a little interior decorating of course, a few local camping excursions, and a trip to Mackinaw City, Michigan in July for our yearly weekend rally: Tearstock.

“We’re prepping for that main event up in Michigan,” said Louis.

Michelle and Louis exemplify what is great about our community. They did their research on the entire market, they asked great questions of us, and in the end they chose a Little Guy Max in part because of the communication that developed with the community over time.

Michelle and Louis pick up their Little Guy Max on Thursday, April 12th at Beckley’s Camping Center in Thurmont, Maryland, and they couldn’t be more excited for what lies ahead for the 2018 camping season.

“We’ll be ready,” said Michelle.


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