NFL Sunday , watching the Patriots outside!

Empty Nesters Trade In Their Old Family Camper

We took the plunge this fall and decided to trade in our 15yr old family camper. With the kids grown, we didn’t need a camper with bunks and were looking to downsize. I thought we had it settled but decided we’d look at the Little Guy Max. Holy cow! My husband knew when he saw my face that this was the one! Since it was fall, we only got to take it out for one trip before winter storage . Loved it! Cold weekend, tried out the heat and were nice and toasty. Even, Maggie our dog was happy- she liked looking out the stargazer window. We had a pretty wooded view of the lake and can’t wait for more adventures with better views! We tried out the TV outside and watched Sunday football. Had our own tailgate party complete with snacks. Folks would stop to admire our cute little camper and ask “what’s the score of the game”. I can’t remember when I’ve been so excited to hit the road. Really looking forward to next season!

Michele and Dan Flaherty
North Yarmouth, ME

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