Sierra Teardrops Takes the Little Guy Max on a “Shakeout Cruise”

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Previously, we covered a camper rental company in California named Sierra Teardrops and their decision to add a Little Guy Max to their fleet. But simply adding a model and letting it sit is not in Sierra Teardrops’ DNA. They had to take it for a test run, or what they call a “Shakeout Cruise” – a roadtrip to test out the full camping experience of a Little Guy Max.

Their article below covers just about everything: towing, setup, livability, the queen size bed, the large dinette, the large windows and natural light, showers and water, and some of the subtle little touches the Little Guy Max includes.

Sierra Teardrops writes:

“[We] absolutely loved the larger “super teardrop” and all it provides. The real queen bed can’t be beat. Having a separate table that is big enough for two laptops and related gear is crucial for Trish and I (and that you don’t have to put a bed away to put up a table). The fact that it drops into a single bed is gravy. Taller-than-standing-height throughout the trailer is amazing, as is the roomy bathroom and shower. The amount of storage is really staggering. The build quality is exactly like the Amish-built […] cabinetry with hardwoods and dovetail construction. Seeing how the Max is built gave me even more confidence in the trailer. Having a 2-bike rack, solar panels on the roof, and the Rough Rider package is perfect.”

Overall, we thought this was an honest and fair review of the Little Guy Max, from folks who know what they’re talking about. If you have a few spare minutes, please head over to the Sierra Teardrops site and read the full article for yourself.

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