Reasons You Should Practice BS (Bear Safety)

When it comes to BS we don’t mess around. Bear safety is necessary in taking preventative measures against unwelcome visitors to your campsite. Here are some bear facts and tips for keeping yourself and your picnic basket safe.

Bear Fact: There are eight species of bears six of which, are on the endangered species list. =(

Precautions to Take

Before you set up camp, check the general visicinity for bear skat and tracks. Fresh marking can indicate that there is a bear living in the area.

Bear Fact: A bear’s sense of smell is over 2,000 times more powerful than that of a human. In fact, their sense of smell is so accurate, they can detect food from 20 miles away.

Store your food separate from your sleeping area and don’t even think of taking a midnight snack to bed. While you’re much safer camping in your Little Guy than a tent, it’s best not to tempt fate. Store your food and garbage in bear lockers provided by the park. If the park doesn’t have bear lockers store your food, garbage and aromatic hygiene products in bags and tie them up in trees away from your sleeping area. This way if the food is discovered at least the bear won’t come into camp.

Bear Fact: While grizzly bears are considered to be top predators their diet consists mostly of berries, roots and vegetation.

What To Do If You See a Bear

Most bears want about as much to do with you as you with them. Make noise while you are hiking either tie a bell to your backpack or carry a whistle. When the bear hears you coming they will go the other way.

Not all bears are accustomed to sharing their habitat with humans.If you do encounter a bear avoid eye contact and don’t make any startling or threatening movements. Get away as quietly and cautiously as you are able and usually the bear will go on about it’s business.

Some bears can become predatory and might try to do you harm. Carry pepper spray on your person while hiking. If a bear approaches you  spray the pepper spray at the bear to throw off it’s senses and scare it away. If the bear continues it’s advances then take up your hunting knife, gun or any other weapon you can use in your general vicinity.

It is always a good idea to take precautions and apply common sense when camping. If you respect the bears and do not harass or feed them then the bears will ignore you. Got any good bear stories or photos? Share your comments below!

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