Photo Op: Famous Ohio Pit Stops

It’s good practice to schedule breaks along your drive. Quicky roadside attractions are great places to stretch, snapp a silly photo and soak in some local culture.  While touring through Ohio for Tearstock, you should check out some of these bizarre and wacky roadside attractions.

Longaberger Basket Building

A tisket a tasket is that a giant picnic basket? If you’re driving on OH-16W and passing,Newark the answer is yes.  Newark, OH is home to the Longaberger Company and the world’s largest picnic basket. Unfortunately, this basket doesn’t hold a sumptuous feast butit is’s actually the Longaberger Company headquarters and holds 500 employees. Longaberger’s famous office building is modeled after their most popular selling market basket. What we want to know is, how many Little Guy teardrop trailers do you think could fit in a basket that size?

Field of Corn

After seeing your corn field, the Ohio landscape starts to blend together. You might not believe your eyes when you happen upon Sam and Eulalia Frantz Park in Dublin, OH. The park is an open field and contains 109 gigantic ears of corn. The 6ft tall concrete kernels are the work of artist Malcolm Cochran who completed the art installation in 1994. The piece pays tribute to Sam Frantz who tilled the farm from 1935 to 1963 and is most noted for developing hybrid corn seeds.

The World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock

Ohio is home to a lot of big things, including the world’s largest cuckoo clock. The Guinness Book record-breaking clock was constructed in 1972. It’s just over 23 feet tall and 25 feet wide. The cuckoo clock is housed on Main St. in Sugarcreek, Oh also known as “Little Switzerland of Ohio.”

House From A Christmas Story

Tow your Little Guy to the end of Rowley Avenue in Cleveland, OH. That is where you will find the mustard yellow house with the forest green trim and lady leg lamp proudly displayed in the window. The house, which was made famous by the Parker family in the 1983 film, “A Christmas Story” has been remolded to resemble an exact replica of its silver screen counterpart! Across the street is the A Christmas Story Museum.

We want to see some of your favorite roadside attractions! Take a selfie with your Little Guy and post it on Facebook with #golittleguy.


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