ParkLiner Introduces Longer 16-Foot Model

ParkLiner Introduces Longer 16-Foot Model: Designed to Give You Peace of Mind!

The new ParkLiner 16 is longer and more luxurious than ever. While the original ParkLiner incorporated many ingenious features into the lightweight fiberglass camper, the new, improved model rivals the best trailers on the market today.

This new generation model features an inner and outer fiberglass shell. We have also added a double layer of insulation between the shells to keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Additionally, the new ParkLiner features an A/C with a beautiful low-profile 11,500 BTU roof model, allowing for more storage inside.

And that’s not all. There’s an outside storage compartment designed to give you ample room to house your essential camping equipment, and the unit’s entry door is taller for more functionality and safety–all while lending to a newer, sleeker look.

One of the new ParkLiner’s most noteworthy features is that the entire structure is 100-percent fiberglass. That’s right! No wood supporting the trailer, including the floor. The only wood used is for the handcrafted maple cabinet doors, ensuring a completely rot-free trailer, peace of mind, and zero maintenance.

The ParkLiner 16 will offer new features, while standardizing some of the classic options that make the ParkLiner great. This unit will be priced starting in the mid-$20,000’s. Head over to to sign up for future mailings once information becomes available.

We will be announcing the dealership locations shortly. Stay tuned!

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