Life Hack: Packing Your Little Guy Trailer

Before you recycle some of your plastic and glass containers, repurpose them for your camping adventure. Here are some eco-friendly packing tips that will help keep your Little Guy organized.

Tic Tac® Box

Tic Tac® containers aren’t just for mints. Soak your old Tic Tac® containers in a solution of Dawn® and water to remove the label. Dry them and fill with spices for your campsite kitchen.

You can also use a Tic Tac® container as a mini tackle box to keep fishing lures organized and out of small fingers.

Pill Bottles

Fill an old pill bottle with some bandages and a small tube of antibiotic ointment for a mini first aid kit. Perfect to take on hikes.

Glue a piece of sandpaper to the top of a pill bottle and use it to store matches. The child-locking lid is great for keeping small and dangerous items away from children.


Cut a straw into 2-inch long pieces. Fill the pieces with antibiotic ointment or skin care products and seal the ends with a lighter.

You can also use a straw to store your spices if you’re really tight on space.

If you’re traveling with delicate jewelry that tangles easily, slip the chain through a straw and it will prevent it from tangling.

Laundry Detergent

Repurpose your empty laundry detergent dispenser into a hand washing station. Rinse the container, strap a roll of paper towels on top and fill with water. Don’t forget the soap.

Coffee Canister

Keep your toilet paper clean by making a toilet paper dispenser out of a coffee canister. Cut a slit into the side of the container. Poke a hole into the bottom of the canister and the lid and attach them with a piece of twine. Drop in your toilet paper, seal the lid and feed paper through the slot.

Eye Drops

Don’t waste money on purchasing travel-sized toothpaste. Instead, clean out an old eye drop container and fill it with toothpaste to maximize space.

What are some of your favorite repurposed camping hacks?


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