How to Make your Camping Gear Last

We’re guessing that by now, your camping gear is like ours…well-loved! After a long trip out on the road, we tend to pay all of our attention to the Little Guy, when we really should be giving our gear a little TLC as well. Take a look below at some of the tips/hacks on how to make your gear go the extra mile.

Your Pack

Although our first instinct is to toss our pack down after a long hike, try to refrain from doing so. When lifting the pack up, use the loop on top of the bag…after all, that’s what it’s there for!

The sign of a well-loved pack is plenty of dirt and caked-on mud, of course. However, take the time to wipe it down from time to time as all that filth will eventually eat away at your pack’s fabric.

Camp Smart: If you plan on carrying any especially hard-to-clean items, such as heavy-duty bug spray, make sure they are double-bagged!


Again, after a long hike out on the trail, our first instinct is to get our boots off as fast as we can and toss them off to the side. After you’ve thoroughly had a good foot soak and maybe a glass of wine, give your boots a light scrub with a vegetable brush to remove any caked-on mud.

If you decide to bag your muddy boots for transport, make sure to remove them from the bag after a couple of hours. Any longer than that, and they might start growing mildew.

Camp Smart: If you decide to let your boots air-dry, let them dry without the help of a hair dryer, camp fire or any other external source of heat as this will cause them to crack.

Sleeping Bag

The best way to store a sleeping bag is to hang it in a dry location, and it should not touch the floor. However, if you do not have extra space for suspension, store your bag in a large cotton or mesh bag.

Help save the insulation of your bag by stuffing it in the most even way that you can.

Share any of your tips/hacks for keeping your gear in tip-top shape in the comments below!

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