How MyPods are Helping People Stay Connected

What comes to your mind when you see a Little Guy, T@B or myPod? We started thinking of all the places we want to explore. However, everyone is different. When our friends at Com-Control Inc. laid eyes on the MyPod they saw it as a way to help people stay connected.

Bryan Baker, is the founder of Com-Control Inc. and a self proclaimed broadband junkie.

His biggest pet peeve is when the wi-fi isn’t connecting or the upload/download speeds are too slow. We can all relate, it’s the worst when you are at a concert or major sporting event and can’t get enough bars to talk to your friend or post a Facebook status.

This problem is a common occurrence at major events and gathering with 2,000 or more people who are all trying to connect to the internet.

Baker got his start installing fiber optic cabling for cities or major corporations. Whenever a big event came into town he would get a desperate call from his customers asking if there was anything he could do about the connectivity problem. This is what sparked the idea for Com-Control Inc.

Baker looked high and low for a mobile platform to make his idea come to life. He fell in love with the MyPod because it’s sleek, futuristic design and thus the hotspot mobile wi-fi pod was born.

Each hotspot mobile wi-fi pod connects to the building via high speed microwave links and provides a giga bit of network wi-fi connectivity. The captive portal records the social media data of everyone using the network and provides that information to the event coordinator as part of the package.

When you see one of Com-Control Inc’s hotspot mobile wi-fi pods at a festival, concert, sporting event or convention, you know will have connectivity.

What are some other uses you can come up with for your Little Guy? Share them in the comments below!

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