Funny Short Story: “Two City-Slickers Go Bear Hunting”


Two city-slicker buddies were watching a late-night showing of the old movie, “Grizzly Adams.” Afterwards, both agreed that going bear hunting would be a grand adventure and decided to plan their vacations together.

As the weeks passed, each prepared for the trip: buying expensive camping gear, hunting rifles and practiced shooting at the range. Each invested $3,000 to rent a hunting cabin in the mountains.

Finally, departure day was here. They rented an expensive 4-wheel drive truck and hit the road.

Their last stop before leaving town was the grocery store, where they each spent $500 buying food for their week-long camping trip.

Twelve long driving hours later, they turned off the highway onto the dirt road leading to their hunting cabin in the mountains. Just a mile from their cabin they came to a fork in the road, with a sign that read; “Hunters Bear Left.”

Silently staring at the sign for five full minutes, they finally looked at each other, shrugged, turned around – and went back home.

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