Exploring the Mini Max: Construction

When we set out to design the Mini Max in the Fall of 2017, our goals were clear: build a Little Guy Max, but smaller. In conversations with our community, we learned that everyone loved the Max, but not everyone could integrate a larger teardrop into their lifestyle on the road. So as the final design of the Mini Max moved into focus, it became obvious that the same build quality and high-end craftsmanship of the award-winning Little Guy Max should be exactly the same for the Mini Max. Let’s take a look at exactly what that means.

Overall Construction

The Mini Max features the absolute best build quality you can find in a teardrop trailer. We start with a solid foundation: the chassis. The custom tubular steel chassis is built specifically for the Mini Max. The chassis is made locally in Pennsylvania, and features welded construction for strength. On top of the chassis, sits a lightweight aluminum cage, which serves as a strong skeleton for the sidewalls and roof. The fiberglass roof is one seamless teardrop-shaped piece, which offers excellent moisture protection. Azdel composite paneling lines the sidewalls and roof. Azdel materials are the very best in the RV industry, offering many desirable properties for a travel trailer: superior insulation, superior moisture protection, 50% lighter than wood, and soundproofing to keep out unwanted noise.

Tires & Wheels

When the rubber hits the road, you want high quality tires and wheels along for the ride. Every Mini Max is built with premium 15″ Kenda tires and aluminum wheels that exceed Department of Transportation requirements. Need to go off-road? Upgrade the tires with our Rough Rider package and explore more rugged terrain. The Kenda M/T “Rough Rider” is an excellent choice for off-road enthusiasts or individuals that require a high traction tire for their environment. The Kenda M/T “Rough Rider” features unique self-cleaning lugs for traction during the harshest conditions.


When we launched the Little Guy Max, we knew the windows would be a big hit. And owners have not been disappointed. That is why we have included the exact same window design in the Mini Max. There are 5 insulated, dual pane, acrylic windows in the Mini Max. The windows are tinted for privacy and temperature control. Multi-position latches offer three ways to setup your windows: closed position, vented position, and open position. At a nearly 90º opening angle, the open position is a favorite for most while on the camp site. Hidden, integrated shades and screens let you enjoy the fresh air with added privacy. The rear vertical stargazer window is a great spot to enjoy your morning coffee, and read up on the news in style and comfort.

Storage & Cargo

In our conversations with the Little Guy community, people are always surprised when they learn how much storage is available inside the Mini Max. Our smart storage design on the interior features huge kitchen cabinets and drawers, cubbies nestled into every available space, and a sizable pantry/closet area with adjustable shelving. On the outside, a large external storage compartment sports huge 12″x20″ doors with magnetic compression latches to load up all of your outside camping gear. And finally, the unique 2″ rear receiver offers additional cargo storage, or the ability to add a bike rack.

The Mini Max is in production now, and arriving at dealers all over the United States and Canada throughout April and May. Our highly skilled and experienced staff builds and inspects each Mini Max at our production facility in Somerset, PA before delivery to dealers. See our dealer locator for a dealership near you.

To learn more about the Mini Max, see our full Product Page, join the Max and Mini Max Facebook Group, or get in touch with us on the contact page, or by calling our office in Uniontown, Ohio at 1-877-545-4897.


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