DIY Stargazer Curtains

Nothing seems quite as romantic as lying under a bright sky full of stars. Now, toss your Little Guy into the mix and you’ve got the perfect evening. It’s just you, maybe that special someone and the beautiful sights of nature.

However, we also understand that sometimes nothing seems quite as important as getting a good night’s rest, and sometimes this is harder to attain out in the wilds of nature with the sun rising promptly at 6:00 AM. Although we all love gazing out into the night sky, the best feeling in the world is sometimes drawing the curtains closed in the morning and getting those extra fifty winks.

Keep reading to find out how to make your own set of stargazer curtains for your Little Guy.

What You’ll Need

1 pack thermal curtains (These can be bought at almost any convenience store, such as Target or Lowe’s.)

1 pack window wire

2 double prong coat hooks

Put It All Together

The process of putting your curtains together should be relatively painless…hopefully! You will first take your window wire and attach it firmly to the sides of the stargazer window. Attach the supplied hooks to the wire that will hold up your curtains. Now, take your curtains and secure each section to the window wire.  The double prong window coat hooks will help to secure the curtains so they stay in place while you and your Little Guy are hitting the road.

 We guarantee that you’ll love traveling out and about with your Little Guy. These DIY curtains are just one of many projects you could do to customize your new ride to your heart’s content. Take a look around our forum and pick up some other fun DIY inspiration!

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