DIY: Soup Can Drink Holders

When you’re out and about traveling with your Little Guy, you want to make sure all the proper equipment. This may include a portable barbeque, plenty of folding chairs, possibly a hammock, etc. However, sometimes we forget about some of the simplest and obvious options to bring along.

Say you’re sitting outside enjoying the sunshine with your Little Guy. It’s a beautiful spring day and it’s just warm enough to be comfortable. All is right in the world. However, when you reach down to grab your ice-cold beverage gingerly balancing on a patch of grass, you misjudge the distance and the drink goes flying! Read on to discover how to make your own drink holder out of a soup can and save yourself from future anguish.

What You’ll Need

To make your own soup can drink holder, you will need:

  • Large soup can

  • Fabric scrap

  • Scissors

  • Hammer and nail

  • Modge podge

  • Gorilla Glue
  • One 1/4″ 20-36″ threaded rod
  • Two 1/4″ bolts
  • Two 1/4″ large washers or bottle caps

Clean the Can

After you have thoroughly cleaned your soup can, remove the label entirely. However, don’t throw it away. Rather, set it aside; you’ll be needing it later.

Cut and Set Aside Two Fabric Strips

For this project, you need two fabric strips. One strip should be wider than the other. You can also use the soup can sticker you set aside earlier in order to make sure you have the right width.

Hammer a Hole into the Bottom of the Can

Put a hole into the bottom of your can using your nail and hammer.

Glue the Fabric onto the Can

Use your Modge Podge in order to attach your strips of fabric onto the outside of the can. Use the thinner strip of fabric to cover the sharp top edge of the can. You can secure the fabric strips using the Modge Podge.

Wait Until Your Can is Dry…

At this point, you can add a stand to your can if you wish using a threaded rod, washers and bolts. Once you have the bolts and washers in place, secure the washer to the can with gorilla glue and tighten the bolt to make sure it sticks.

Tip: Make your own washers out of recycled bottle caps.  Flatten the bottle cap with the hammer and use a nail to hammer a hole into the bottle cap. 

Your finished project should hold a regularly sized beverage. You can now kick back and relax without the worry of losing another icy beverage due to spillage!

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