DIY: Matching Halloween Costumes with Little Guy

Each option below is a fun Halloween DIY project that you can do on your own or with many!

Hula Scene

You can easily go retro with this fun choice. To start, find your favorite Hawaiian shirt and grass skirt. You can even add a coconut bra for some extra flair. To really set the scene, pick up some tiki torches and other Hawaiian party supplies from any party-supply store.

Haunted House

Turn this classic Halloween scene into something fun and creative. Why not transform the Little Guy into a haunted castle or Frankenstein’s layer? Don’t forget to match with your costume!

DIY Tip: Pick up some dry ice from a local grocery store to give your haunted house a spooky layer of fog.

A Spaceship and Alien Visitor

This option is one of the more obvious choices that you can really have fun with! Your Airstream will really shine (no pun intended!) as an alien spaceship.

Fun Add-On’s: To give your “spaceship” a cool, retro feel, craft your ship’s bits and bobs from aluminum foil.

Light it Up: Gather up any red, orange and yellow cellophane or tissue paper to craft flames from the rocket boosters. Try adding a thin layer of glitter on top to make your flames really pop!

Under the Sea

Grab your best mermaid or merman costume and let your Little Guy serve as your watery backdrop. Why not go flashy and apply seashells and even sand to the exterior of the trailer?

DIY Tip: Use colored glue to draw seashell designs onto wax paper. Once the glue has dried, carefully peel the design from the paper and apply to windows to provide extra, aquatic trimming.

Wizard of Oz

Recreate one of the most iconic movie scenes in cinema history!

DIY Tip: Grab a pair of striped tights or stockings. Use newspaper or a couple of old t-shirts to stuff them. Place them beneath your ill-fated, tornado-carried house (your Little Guy!) Don’t forget the ruby slippers!

From all of us here at Little Guy, have a safe and happy Halloween…and yes, Halloween candy counts as a balanced meal that day!


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