DIY: Drilling Into Your Trailer

Everyone rolled up to Tearstock 2014 with their Little Guy, Silver Shadow and T@B trailers decked out to the nines. The decorations and modifications were really inspiring. There are a lot of creative ways to make modifications to your trailer without using power tools. However, some of the more elaborate and sturdy modifications require power tools.

At some point we all overcome our fear of drilling into our Little Guy trailer.  Once make the first hole you will become more confident. Here are some tips on drilling into your trailer and quick fixes, you know, just in case.

Before you fire up the drill and have at it, remember that the walls of the Little Guy teardrop trailer are 3/4 inches thick. That doesn’t give you a lot of leeway so don’t get trigger-happy with your drill. Instead, drill a small starter hole to start and then drill the screw into the trailer. Accidents can happen, but this method prevents the temptation of drilling through your teardrop trailer.

Take extra precaution if you are drilling into the cabinets or rear wall the Little Guy or you will find yourself looking into the galley area.

It’s not the end of the world if you drill out a small hole in the sidewall of your Little Guy. There are a few simple solutions that will solve your problem.

  1. Fill the hole with plastic base wood putty. Oil based wood putty tends to bleed.

  2. Stick a small bumper sticker or sporty decal on the outside to cover the hole.

  3. Use an epoxy putty to fill the hole. Once the putty has dried hard, you can paint over it with a bit of nail polish.

  4. Duck tape fixes everything. Cut out a square or a colorful design to cover the hole.

We love seeing how you guys deck out your Little Guy. Share a photo of your modification and tips on your in our forum.

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