Customer of the Month: Greg Seely – Spokane, WA


LG: What Little Guy Model do you Currently Own? How Long?

GS: I have a 2011 6-Wide Sport that I have owned since 2012.

LG: What attracted you to first looking at Little Guy and what brought you to purchasing your little guy?

GS: I’ve always had a fascination with Teardrop Trailers since seeing them on the road and in magazines. One day, while visiting family in Boise, Idaho, I was on my way to my mother’s house when I caught a glimpse of a T@B at Bretz RV just off the interstate. The next day I went and talked to a salesperson and asked for a tour of the T@B. Afterwards, I decided it really wasn’t what I was looking for, BUT, I happen to walk by Little Guy 6-Wide Sport. The extended front platform immediately caught my eye because it was perfect for hauling our two Vespas. After seeing the king-size bed and galley set-up, I decided that this was the one for me. I asked the dealership to hold it for me. The next thing I had to do was to convince my wife. That didn’t take long!


LG: What is your favorite camp site to visit (Name, City, ST)? What is it about that campsite you like the most?

GS: We enjoy about every campsite we’ve ever stayed at; however, we enjoyed Mt. Rainier National Park immensely. We stayed at Cougar Creek Campground that is heavily forested and centrally located in view of Mt. Rainier. We spent our days traveling throughout the park as well as taking hikes at the base of the mountain and along streams. Our entire stay was relaxing and most enjoyable.



LG: Since owning your little guy what creative storage ideas have you come up with when going on trips?

GS: I have made no changes to my Little Guy. The only creative idea that I have come up with was placing weather-proof storage containers on the platform. One carries items for the outdoors; such as my Little Red Campfire, decorative lights, lantern, etc. The other one hold galley items; pots and pans, Grillerie, EcoQ Grill, etc.

LG: Do you have any of the accessories (Tent, Solar Panel, Bike Rack, etc)? If yes, what about that accessory makes your camping experience better?

GS: Almost all of the items that I have purchased enhance or improve our camping experiences. We use an EZ Shade Canopy at the rear near the galley to shade the sun as well as keep is out of the elements. I also carry an off-set umbrella that is easily set up by one person. It came in very handy while traveling to Alaska. Another great item is my Little Red Campfire. This propane campfire can be used even during a fire-ban in most parks. I enjoy carrying my Yamaha Generator with me for power; however, many people are going the solar route.



LG: Speak to the quality of your Little Guy? What have you noticed about the quality of your Little Guy since the time of purchase to now?

GS: I’m very pleased with the quality of my Little Guy. The only issue that I’ve encountered over the years was a faulty converter. The one that was originally installed had been recalled and is no longer being made. Little Guy has since changed manufacturers and the problem seems to be resolved.

LG: What advice would you give others who are thinking about purchasing a little guy?

GS: There are a few things that one needs to think about before purchasing a Little Guy. First of all, is a particular model the right size for what you intend to use it for? What model best fits your needs; a 4-wide; 5-wide; 6-wide; a T@G; a T@B? Will you be comfortable dressing and undressing in a horizontal position? Do you want a unit with bathroom capabilities, or are you comfortable using an outside canopy? How well equipped do you want your galley? Do you think you’ll need a sink? Will you cook your meals on the 2-burner stove in the galley or do you want to transport a stove?

LG: Any other short stories you wish to share?

GS: Little Guy’s, whether a teardrop, T@G or T@B, are eye-catchers. If you decide to purchase one be prepared to answer a lot of questions from fellow campers as well as well-wishers along the way; at gas stations, convenience stops, and even while stopped in traffic. A lot of people have never seen a teardrop and are amazed when I show them a comfortable king-size bed and adequate storage. On a recent trip to Alaska there were 3 of us towing teardrops (each a different model) and we ended up giving “tours” in practically every campground where we stopped. Thankfully, we were equipped with Little Guy brochures and handed them out after the tours.


Greg Seely (“Gregorio”) - Spokane, WA
Greg Seely (“Gregorio”) – Spokane, WA
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